Want to make plant-based part of your life? Not sure where to start?

This just-released guide has all the tools you need!

It's simple — a whole food, plant-based lifestyle can change your health by preventing and reversing many lifestyle diseases — including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke and autoimmune disorders.

Whether you’re dealing with chronic illness, want to create nutritious meals for your family or you’re simply looking to enjoy your best health, this resource makes plant-based eating easy to understand. 

What's included:
• Scientific research, delivered in clear, understandable terms
• Common food myths explained
• Colorful graphics and charts
• Easy-to-follow shopping lists 
• Delicious recipes with photos
• The latest resources

This book is perfect for:
• Individuals and families
• Health coaches, nutritionists and physicians 
• Organizations and wellness programs

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I find the materials to be quite good. Most providers that are approaching care from a WFPB perspective will find them very useful to use with their patients. Well done...excellent!

Dexter Shurney, MD, MBA, MPH

The kit is terrific. I have enjoyed using it, and purchased additional brochures as well. 

Katherine Kilpatrick, BA, BNSc, MD, FCFP, COE

Yes! I LOVE IT ! We pass out the booklets to our diabetic patients. I have the posters hanging the exam rooms, which opens up a healthy conversation. 

Kelly King, RN

It has been great for starting our clinic’s move toward better health for not only our staff members but also for our patients. I really love the materials!

Mary Anne Kiel, MD

Patients seem to like both the booklet and the resources, and it has made my life easier having a professional hand out readymade.

Michelle Brinkop, MD

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